[Geany-devel] Patch Tracker

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Fri Jun 10 07:53:39 UTC 2011

> Unless the patch tracker lives long enough to grow to a couple (say 50)
> patches in which case patches not clearly represented anymore and it's
> de-motivating to even look at the patch tracker, let alone individual
> patches.

In a voluntary project no-one is *required* to do anything with
patches (or anything else for that matter) so, as Thomas says just
putting them in a tracker isn't going to have them addressed, but, as
Matthew argues at least developers know where to look for them.

The developers are interested in adding things they want or see are
needed, and occasionally have a fit of conscience and try to apply
some patches.  Frankly feeling guilty or harrassed is a bad way of
keeping developers motivated.

If the project is going to say patches welcome (tm) then there should
be enough developers who agree to  assess and apply patches (more than
one to allow for breaks, by choice or forced).  That needs people who
have time and enough knowledge of Geany's code to put their hands up
to Enrico and ask for the ability to do this, for example people who
have submitted enough patches and demonstrated enough responsibility
for the community to have confidence in them.

>> Of course, like you said, if nobody looks at it ever, it's still pretty
>> useless.
> Additionally, if the contributor is not motivated enough to bring up patches
> again and again then neither the maling list or patch tracker help. In this
> case it's simply the contributors fault.

Harsh and not terribly welcoming and motivating either, remember that
people submitting patches are the projects best source of possible
future developers to help spread the workload and thus improve the

I'm sure that the current situation isn't deliberate on the part of
the developers, just circumstances, Nick is MIA, Enrico has very
little time, I have very little time etc.  So again what it needs is
for more people to volunteer who have shown that they have the
experience and responsibility.  The more people who each do a little
bit the easier it is for all.


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