[Geany-devel] Annoying autocompletions

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Mon Jun 6 05:03:41 UTC 2011

> Would it be better to add a configurable keybinding to autocomplete so that
> you can set it to something besides Return through the UI?  We already have
> "Complete snippet" and "Word part completetion", it seems logical to have a
> "Complete word" that does a similar action.  I guess the "Complete word"
> binding would need to be renamed to something else, maybe "Toggle completion
> list" or something.

Hi Matthew,

AFAIK "complete word" is the same basic behavior as return, but one
happens in our code and one in Scintilla.

Its not that Geany defines return as autocomplete, it is the default
GTK "activate menu item" key that makes Scintilla insert the current
menu item and I can't find any way of changing it.  So the point was
to remove the "imposed on us unwanted definition that can't be
changed".  And the easiest way was just to cancel the menu before the
key was processed.  Note SCI_AUTOCSETSTOPS seemed to work for anything
except return :-(

> Alternatively, what about checking to see if the caret is at the last
> (non-whitespace?) position on the line as well to decide whether Return is
> going to cancel auto-completion?

The menu already autocancels on a whitespace so thats not needed. And
if I press return I want to break the line so it now *is* the last
position :-)  Otherwise return behavior is inconsistent and I think
thats a bad thing (tm).


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