[Geany-devel] Newsletter: Markuplangauge

Frank Lanitz frank at xxxxx
Wed Jun 1 08:54:18 UTC 2011


You might have recognized that there have been a discussion on which
markuplangauge/technique we will use for future Geany newsletter to
write and create PDF/HTML/other output formats in.

During this discussion a lot of different languages and ways have been
suggested so decision is not easy. However, we (well, I) decided to do
it on a more democratic way by doing a poll about.

But before we are doing this poll we need to collect all possible ideas
and put some basic facts together. To do so I did create a wiki page
(please don't care about the theme for the moment as this is under
discussion inside another thread) at
where I like to ask everybody to enter suggestions based on a minimal
feature list I put together you can also find at this page.

Based on that list I will create a poll upcoming weekend (around June,
4th) - I will announce tis inside another mail with some basic rules.


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