[Geany-devel] Proposed patch to fix issues with command line file loading

Dimitar Zhekov dimitar.zhekov at xxxxx
Fri Jan 28 20:51:57 UTC 2011


To avoid citing the long discussion, now that I gave it more thought,
since we have a "Load files from the last session" option, it seems
natural for that option to control if the default session files should
be loaded when starting Geany with filename argument(s).

(Personally I'll just turn it off, since my Geany is with x11 session

> no it doesn't break -i if you check the updated patch. I didn't even
> know there was such a function like -i when I’ve tried the first one

Oh. That was below a long citation and mailing list footers, so I
missed it. Sorry.

Well the load_startup_files() is a bit hard to read now, despite the
comments. If we agree on some reasonable behaviour - I personally see no
point in yet another "keep session" option - it should probably be
rewritten. But from my experience, it would be hard to persuade Enrico.

> (which is a great way to destroy your opened file session if you aren't
> cautious to close the additional instances before the first one with the
> full session).

It was proposed, more than once, that the secondary instances should
not save the default session, since they never load it. But as you can
see, it still does. We should really try to convince the main
developers (Nick / Enrico / Frank) once again, but they seem to be
missing since 0.20 was released.

> Visual studio doesn't store the previous session, at least not by
> default, it just shows a welcome pane asking what project to open. I
> don't have ultraedit 7 and scite.

My mistake again, I never start it by the endless Windows start menu,
much less from the command line.

> The fact other editors, anyway, have such a behaviour doesn't make
> it consistent.

But it makes it common. I checked SciTE and Ultra, and to my surprise,
they both have a "load the last session" option, but ignore it when a
filename argument is passed.

> In any case, the updated patch has an option which gives the same exact
> behaviour of before if not enabled (could set it false as default, I've
> set it true) [...]

"Keep session" has no effect if "Load session" is false, so it should
be disabled if "load" is unchecked. I think a set of radio buttons, for
example "Never", "If no files specfied" and "Always", would be more
clear. Yet again, the current option seems enough for me.

E-gards: Jimmy

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