[Geany-devel] Proposed patch to fix issues with command line file loading

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Fri Jan 28 18:44:06 UTC 2011

Le 28/01/2011 19:16, Dimitar Zhekov a écrit :
> On Fri, 28 Jan 2011 03:01:06 +0100
> Colomban Wendling <lists.ban at herbesfolles.org> wrote:
>>>> 2) trying to open a file (eg from double clicking in nautilus) will
>>>> screw your session as command line loading of single files ignores your
>>>> session opened files, except if geany was already opened.
>>> SciTE will do the same, and so will UltraEdit (the very old versions I
>>> used). If you want a permanent session, create a project.
>> I don't think so.
>> First, it is an inconsistent behavior: ATM, opening a file with e.g.
>> `geany myfile` will NOT result on the same state depending on whether
>> Geany is already opened or not. If Geany is already running, the file
>> will be appended to the session, but if Geany wasn't running, the
>> session not only don't load, but will be lost (since a new one is saved
>> on quit).
> For me that's pretty consistent: when I click a file, Geany will open
> that exact file only, be it in existing instance, if any, or in a new
> instance. Why should it reload some temporarily edited/viewed files,
> when I explicitly specified which file I want open?
I don't see why the session would be reloaded when not specifying any
file then: "you have not opened any file, no file are open" seems to
also make sense. Which (I guess) is the behavior when session is off.

> However, loading the previous files when a file is clicked if "Load
> files from the last session" is true, which this patch tries to
> achieve, would also be logical.
So we quite agree that restoring the session anyway would be OK?

>> I personally use projects for the projects I work on a lot, and for
>> which I want almost all its files opened, and the default session for
>> everything else. Say, a standalone file to edit, a file part of a source
>> tree I don't work on enough to have a project file for it, etc.
>> This does NOT mean that my session is something I don't care to loose.
> You can a project and name it "Default Session". Or even several of
> those.
Yes, but then I need to explicitly open it, regardless the fact that the
session does the job perfectly well until you forget to launch Geany
before sending it files to open.

>> And anyway, why use the session if you don't care about the opened files?
> Why not use a "Default Session" if you care for them? You can even
> modify your .lnk file, panel command or menu entry to run "geany
> ~/path/Default.geany", except that not all DE-s allow menu editing.
I generally don't use my DE to launch Geany, but rather a CLI, so it
needs typing more.
And using an alias to open a project by default is not possible ATM
since Geany doesn't open files specified on CL after a project file.
However, I'm not sure it is really needed to b able to add file to a
project when opening it.

And using a project for the session -- which (I repeat myself) would
just be perfect for me if it would always be loaded -- seems hackish to
me. I feel it as a workaround, not as the Right Way To Achieve this.

However, you didn't answered to my question :)

> BTW, I checked my Visual Studio 2008 today - it too works as Geany /
> SciTE / Ultra 7.
...OK the behavior of other editors are a good start to see whether a
particular behavior would be "unexpected". But it doesn't mean IMHO that
we should follow that behavior, maybe there is a better alternative --
or at least that better fits <insert your name>'s expectations.

>> I haven't tested the patch yet, but the raised problem is a real concern
>> IMHO. Well, it concerns me :)
> Breaks geany -i filename.
Sad :/


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