[Geany-devel] Improving usability and handling for Geany-Plugins

Dominic Hopf dmaphy at xxxxx
Tue Jan 18 21:57:48 UTC 2011

Hi together, in special plugin developers ;)

We currently are in the situation, that a user just sees the
Geany-Plugins version when reporting bugs [1] but in the plugin manager
in Geany just sees the version of the plugin itself. This might be
confusing when the user doesn't remember which version of Geany-Plugins
he actually has installed.

Some plugins already have the same version as Geany-Plugins. This isn't
that good anymore when a new plugin arrives in the Geany-Plugins
project. Imagine before joining Geany-Plugins the version was 0.0.3 and
after joining it directly jumps to 0.21. Here are some alternate

* change the version string for each plugin, e.g. 0.0.1-gp0.20
* change the text in the description (something like "this is foobar
0.0.1 brought to you by Geany-Plugins 0.20")

They additionally would fix another issue which will come up the more
plugins Geany will get: Differing between the "provider" of the plugin -
was this Geany-Plugins or was it delivered with Geany, or is it a
completely other third-party plugin?

Maybe someone of you has also suggestions or thoughts on this, please
let us know. :)


[1] https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=222729&atid=1056532

Dominic Hopf <dmaphy at googlemail.com>

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