[Geany-devel] Patch for JavaScript keywords

Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Tue Jan 18 19:34:14 UTC 2011

On Wed, 22 Dec 2010 10:37:22 -0700, Jason wrote:


>Geany is missing some of the newer language features available to 
>JavaScript since about version 1.6.  This includes 'get', 'set', and 
>'yield' [1].
>There's also a large gap between the keywords available to JavaScript 
>embedded in HTML/PHP (filetypes.xml) and JavaScript on its own 
>(filetypes.javascript); filetypes.xml contains a large number of 
>keywords, many of which are not just language features, but also 
>objects, and their properties and methods.  This just seems incorrect, 
>to me.  And I'll admit, the separation between embedded and standalone 

Ok. So should we remove the extra keywords from filetypes.xml, to have
embedded JS containing only language features?
I don't mind much which way to go as I don't use JS and so don't really
know what's best.

>JavaScript is something of a design flaw in Scintilla.  Some might say 
>it's a "feature".


>I'll just attach a patch that contains all of the additions I've 
>collected over a short (~20 minute) time frame.  My primary source is 
>Mozilla Documentation Network, although the ECMA standards are more 
>authoritative.  (Not that I even want to make an attempt to read it...)
>The patch only touches filetypes.javascript, I think filetypes.xml
>needs a thorough overlooking to determine what needs to go.  I've
>stuck with keywords listed in [1] and [2] for what's really necessary
>to define in filetypes.javascript.

Awesome, thank you.
Committed (actually the second version of your patch).

>I tried to keep the separation between primary and secondary keywords 
>simple: 'primary' keywords are statements, operators, types, values,
>and other language constructs. 'secondary' keywords are functions,
>objects, properties, methods, etc.  Note that I have not included

Sounds reasonable.


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