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Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Fri Jan 7 19:01:44 UTC 2011

On Wed, 15 Dec 2010 08:40:21 -0700, Jason wrote:

>Greetings list!

Greetings Jason.

sorry for the late answer.

>I've searched the source tree and website for information on how the 
>installer package is built for Windows.  Specifically, I would like to 

makensis /V1 geany.nsi
makensis /V1 /DINCLUDE_GTK geany.nsi

this produces the two installer variants as offered on the Geany
Behind the scenes, this uses NSIS (http://nsis.sourceforge.net) to
actually create the installer binaries from the instructions in
geany.nsi (can be found in SVN).

>know what kind of command line options are available to assist in
>silent installations [1].  I figured (naively?) that looking up the
>the installer spec/configure/scripts would be the easiest way to find
>But now I'm at a loss, since even the "Building on Windows" [2]
>document on the website does not contain any information on building
>the installer package, nor how it is built for the official releases.

Yeah, I still need to document this procedure.
As said, the installer is created with 'makensis'. Beforehand Geany is
build and installed using the Waf build system.
The created geany.exe and the plugin .dlls are signed with Microsoft's
SignCode tool, then the installer is created and the installer binaries
are signed as well.
Details will follow soon in doc/making-a-release.

>On to my questions:  How is the installer package built?  Are there
>any command line options for it?  I would like one that disables the 

I don't know if there are any other command line arguments than the
listed ones.

>installation of the shortcuts on the Desktop and Quick Launch.

There is a command for the NSI script to query the passed command line
arguments to the installer. So, for your request it should be possible
to define a new command line argument like /q or something to disable
installing of the shortcuts in general or when silent install is used,
I don't mind.
But it won't work already yet, it needs to be implemented.
If noone beats me in speed and I remember it, I'll try to implement it.

>[1] http://wpkg.org/Geany

In the code on the site, the relevant piece is /S at the end of the
Geany installer command line.
/S tells the installer to be silent.


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