[Geany-devel] Replacing the control socket with dbus

Arthur Skowronek arthur.s at xxxxx
Sat Dec 31 16:26:50 UTC 2011



with this little stupid meme I would like to start a discussion about
replacing the current control socket living "somewhere" in the
"~/.config/geany" directory space with implementing GApplication from
recent GLib versions.

As it looks to me the current tasks of the control socket are:
 * ensure some basic uniqueness (open files via the geany command
   in an already running instance)
 * provide ability to perform basic operations on a running Geany
   instance like
     - opening files
     - go to a certain position in the file.
     - obtain a list of documents opened in the current instance

These tasks can be accomplished with GApplication too. On top of that we
would get rid of:
 * cluttering the filesystem with sockets
 * possibility of a dead lock in the doclist command
 * general freeze while a client is connected to the socket.

The downside would be that the required version for GLib would be pushed
to 2.28 and this version is not available on the stable branch for all

My suggestion therefore is to put this at least on the Todo list and
replace it with the planned feature to use dbus.

On top of that I would offer my free time to work on this topic as soon
as all requirements are met, if appreciated.

Greetings and a happy new year,
Arthur S.

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