[Geany-devel] Indentation using regex (was [PATCH 14/19] Rewrite tab switching queue)

Nathan Broadbent nathan.f77 at xxxxx
Tue Dec 6 09:54:57 UTC 2011

> Actually the plugin is option 3,   It is return plus user activated,
> just some activations are normal keys.

Aha, I understand. Thanks for the explanation.

> Maybe it works for Ruby, but
> it doesn't for C, and after looking at the code I don't see how it can
> possibly generate GNU style indentation.
> if (blah)
> {
>    bletch();
> }
> It certainly doesn't as configured, it generates
> if (blah)
>        {
>         bletch();
>        }
> and doesn't seem to ever lose that indent?

You're right, that plugin seems to generate K&R, 1TBS or BSD KNF style
indentation, and not GNU style by default - see

However, I think it would be appropriate to support each of these
popular indentation styles, and allow the user to select which style
to use. Even better, perhaps the style could be auto-detected by
parsing the current file.


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