[Geany-devel] Glade Code Generation and GtkBuilder

Matthew Brush mbrush at xxxxx
Tue Aug 30 01:35:26 UTC 2011

On 08/29/2011 05:20 PM, Lex Trotman wrote:
> [...]

> Well, I don't think there is anything wrong with looking at GTK-3 but
> it *is* too early to remove support for GTK-2.  I've not looked at
> what changed for GTK-3, can we support both without much work (after
> gtkbuilder is incorporated)?  Lots of #ifdefs would be bad.

Until the snag with the deprecated widgets used in the Glade generated 
code, the changes were extremely trivial and wouldn't at all break the 
current GTK+ version support.  All of them were documented in the 
migration guide[1].

A quick list of the changes I had to make:
  - Update Scintilla since it now supports GTK+ 3.
  - Replace a few direct member accesses with accessor functions.
  - Switch from using GtkComboBoxEntry to GtkComboBox.
  - Replace GtkNotebookPage with gpointer.
  - Fix use of GDK_<keynamehere> and include of gdkkeysyms.h.
  - Add some alternate #ifdef'd code for "Height-for-width" layout in 
the GeanyWrapLabel widget[2]

The last two are the only ones that require some version 
checking/different code handling.  Actually, some of the changes should 
probably be made even without thinking of GTK+ 3, since they are 
considered good practice even with GTK+ 2.

[1] http://developer.gnome.org/gtk3/3.0/migrating.html
[2] http://developer.gnome.org/gtk3/3.0/ch25s02.html#id1525688

Matthew Brush

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