[Geany-devel] geany on github; why not?

Thomas Martitz thomas.martitz at xxxxx
Mon Aug 29 11:17:38 UTC 2011

Am 28.08.2011 23:33, schrieb Jiří Techet:
> On Sat, Aug 27, 2011 at 20:50, Frank Lanitz<frank at frank.uvena.de>  wrote:
>> So I suggest this: Jiri can you help to do so (or does maybe the 
>> github svn clone tools does this correct?) we surely can also offer 
>> something like that from git.geany.org. But here import is needed FMPOV. 
> I could, but it needs some manual work and I'd like to do it just
> before the switch because I'm not sure if I could easily add  the
> commits (commits on different branches and especially merges) you do
> between now and the switch. I was too missing a few committer names -
> see the original email here
> http://lists.uvena.de/geany-devel/2010-June/002672.html
> which I'd need to get first before performing the conversion.

I could also ask the one that successfully converted our Rockbox svn 
repo to git, including proper branch, tag and author conversion, to 
write up the steps it needed. I think it was less than a day of work for 
him (and the Rockbox tree and history is considerably larger and more 
complicated than Geany's).

Best regards.

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