[Geany-devel] Minor problems with plugin API docs

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Sun Aug 28 04:48:39 UTC 2011

>> All support.h does is to import the glib i18n interface or generates
>> null macros if for some reason gettext isn't available.  It points to
>> the glib i18n documentation for the working interface and the null
>> macros don't do anything so there is nothing to document :-)
> But isn't there an easy way to hide it from the plugin API docs (ie. no
> Doxygen comments)?  What use is some file/struct documented in the API docs
> if none of its functions/members are accessible?

Clearly the comment on support.h and my explanation need some
improvement.  IIUC the intention is that support.h makes *all* of
gi18n-lib.h available.  That is what defines the interface, but of
course we can't comment the glib header.  This needs to be more
clearly stated.

The alternate macros defined in support.h (note they are in a #else)
define some of the same interface to prevent compile errors in case
gettext isn't available, but they do nothing.  Maybe they should be
documented to make it clearer that those macros/functions can be
safely used even if gettext isn't available, but the basic definition
is in the glib header.

>>> Another example is GeanyFilePrefs, where the struct is documented in the
>>> API, but no members are documented.  There are some plugins using members
>>> of
>>> this, despite them not being documented (ex. ao_blanklines.c:67), so
>>> maybe
>>> we should put them into the documented API.
>> Yes, either the structure documentation should say all members are
>> intended to be available, or the ones meant to be available should be
>> documented.  That way there is a prompt to avoid ABI breakage when
>> changing the structure. ATM I would miss the comment and might not add
>> to the end of the structure or may not increment the ABI.
> At least all members currently used by plugins should be documented in the
> API docs, no?

Well if they are used then they should be documented unless someone
objects.  That way people modifying Geany and building bindings know
to avoid changing them :-)


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