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Alexander Eberspächer alex.eberspaecher at xxxxx
Fri Aug 26 09:31:40 UTC 2011

Dear Matthew, dear list,

On Thu, 25 Aug 2011 18:02:20 -0700
Matthew Brush <mbrush at codebrainz.ca> wrote:

> For C# (and probably C++ ?), the for loop should probably be more
> like D and Java (ie. `for (int i=0; ...`).

Changed that, it's now `for (int i; ...)`.

> Also, Python should not have `for i in xrange(...)` since it has been 
> removed from Python 3 and this type of loop is considered "bad style" 
> even in Python 2.

Changed it to `range()`.

> I know these aren't from your patch, but since you're fixing up the 
> snippets file :)

Some other changes in the most recent patch (find it attached to this

I removed the [Haskell] section that only prevented the default
completion of do loops in Haskell.

I added both LaTeX and Fortran snippets. The Fortran snippets add
similar snippet functionality as is already present for the C-like
languages. The LaTeX snippets provide standard LaTeX functionality
probably needed by any LaTeX user. None of the LaTeX commands depends
on external packages.

Maybe the patch is a first step towards better default snippets.



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