[Geany-devel] msgwin line and column position

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Wed Aug 24 06:44:35 UTC 2011

Hi Dimitar,

Just to throw a spanner in the works :-D

I ran into this problem today:

In a project with C++ and python parts I happened to do a make with a
Python file open, then all the c++ errors were not recognised.

In other words the standard Geany approach is only going to work for
one filetype at a time, fair enough, but maybe choosing the filetype
of the current file isn't appropriate sometimes, especially for make
operations that may mix filetypes.

I am not sure there is a simple solution.

The complex (well maybe not so complex, but verbose) solution is a
regex for each command.  Then knowing your makefile lets you concoct a
complex regex that supports more than one language. That also has the
advantage of allowing me to support more than one compiler, I am
starting to use clang as well as gcc for example.

There is no way I can think of to use the fallback
msgwin.c/parse_compiler_error_line() though, since it will only work
if it knows the filetype, and the only place it is going to get one of
those is the current document, but thats what is wrong!

Any thoughts?


On 24 August 2011 03:40, Dimitar Zhekov <dimitar.zhekov at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> There was no more comments in msgwindow double click, and my reasoning
> was partially wrong - a big line number may be a result of some lines
> being deleted by the user.
> Because the patches affect the same code, I combined them here.
> So, this "-c" version:
> Parses an optional column # in the compiler messages.
> Handles line/column 0 as 1, and too big line/column as EOF/EOLN.
> Alters msgwin_goto_messages_file_line() not to pass invalid line # to
> navqueue_goto_line() if we know for sure that the file name is valid.
> I tested the patch in the last few days. It seems fine, and is quite
> simple anyway.
> Any other changes well have to wait after the 0.21 release.
> --
> E-gards: Jimmy
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