[Geany-devel] Adding a list of filetypes into devel documentation?

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Thu Aug 18 08:45:09 UTC 2011

> I was thinking about short after 0.21 Geany release.


>> But even so we shouldn't make the assumption that every Linux user is
>> a C developer and shouldn't force them to be one if their distro is a
>> bit behind, especially with plugin packages.
> Well, there are only two possibilities that count IMHO:
> 1. compiling on their own: Once compiling your plugins package, you can
> do also Geany

But why do we force them to compile? We should use our best endeavors
to keep old plugins working, especially if there is any delay in
getting plugins released.

> 2. The distributor is providing recent Geany packages. So its his topic
> to provide also fitting packages for the plugins. (most ikely just
> recompiling against the Geany version he is offering)

Depends on things like our timing relative to the distro's releases
and how much effort goes into updating old distro versions vs making
new ones.  I for one won't condemn distro packagers if they spend most
of their effort on new releases and only backport security or crash
fixes.  Maybe rolling distros will be the way but I havn't tried them.

> We cannot offer packages for distributions and their different arch and
> versions IMHO. Think of libc, glibc, gtk ....

No agreed, and even if we did that doesn't get them in the repositories.

>> IIRC Suse has their factory where things can be built, not just for
>> Suse, but for debian, fedora etc.  Those repos seem to have 0.18.1 and
>> 0.20 for all versions but only plugins for 0.20.
> I had a talk with a couple of people during the weekend (Chaos
> Communication Camp) and well... their feedback was quiet unfriendly
> about the build service. (As kids might also reading this list, I will
> not translate the words they did use)

I was only trying to answer your question about what the facilities
were not how good they were since I havn't used suse since 10.x.

>> OTOH I still use a distro based on Ubuntu LTS (10.04) but 0.20 is
>> available in the package manager via the underlying debian packages.
> So plugins are too I assume?

Ah no, they are at 0.19 ... see original problem :-D


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