[Geany-devel] Adding a list of filetypes into devel documentation?

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Wed Aug 17 05:42:19 UTC 2011

>> I agree that the requirement should be re-cast to be in line with
>> release numbers, whilst the simple incrementing integer is good for
>> SVN builders to select the exact version, users and packagers want to
>> know which release version is required.
> Well, as you say it's two different things: the plugin developer only
> needs the API number (and only cares about the Geany version number to
> tell her users), while the user and packager only wants to know the
> Geany version needed.
> So we probably better provide and easy way to know to which Geany
> version corresponds a particular API number (e.g. by having a simple
> mapping, quite easy to do BTW) or something, because I don't see any
> reason the plugin writer would like to bother about which actual Genay
> version is needed on the code side.
>>>        #if GEANY_VERSION_CHECK(0, 20, 42)
>>>                baz(1, 2);
>>>        #else
>>>                /* Do nothing on older APIs */
>>>        #endif
>>> Just some thoughts, I have no idea if it's realistic.
> As said above, I don't see why the Geany version should appear in a
> check like this.  The API version is enough to do the check, and having
> both simply makes it harder to update the check at a later point if it
> happens to be needed.  Or maybe I got it completely wrong?
>> This isn't a new problem, does anyone know how other software with
>> plugins does it?
> Many the applications uses a shared library and simply applies the rules
> of shared libraries: don't break things often, and provide compile-time
> and run-time checks for your users.
>> Firefox for example raises a dialog each time its
>> upgraded saying its checking plugins and it disables any that won't
>> work.  How does it make the decision?
> Good question.  Though, maybe they inspect plugin's code (used symbols,
> used data, etc. -- it's XUL after all) to check it against the available
> API?
> And each plugin has the information in it, e.g. "from 2.0.* to 5.0.*"


I've started a new thread on the topic of version API/ABI version
numbers and their meaning and use, since this thread has wandered off
somewhat from Frank's query on a specific addition to the API.


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