[Geany-devel] Adding a list of filetypes into devel documentation?

Thomas Martitz thomas.martitz at xxxxx
Tue Aug 16 12:03:23 UTC 2011

Am 16.08.2011 09:39, schrieb Frank Lanitz:
>> IIRC the theory is that ABI
>> changes don't require unchanged plugins to be recompiled (for example
>> if a structure is extended) but API changes require at least
>> recompile.  But I am not sure it is working that way though?
> No. ABI changes need a recompilation while API don't necessary do.

Correct. ABI changes do need a recompilation. API changes need nothing.

Sometimes both the API and ABI "break", and then you need changes in the 
source and of course a recompilation.

Extending a structure is ABI breakage if its size changes and the size 
is exposed (i.e. struct_ptr++ has a different effect in Geany and the 
plugin). That's why some projects pad structures to make extensions not 
change the size.

Best regards.

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