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Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Sat Aug 13 12:49:51 UTC 2011

On Wed, 10 Aug 2011 23:38:24 +0200, Colomban wrote:


>> as you certainly noticed, I didn't do any development nor replying
>> mails regarding Geany. This is mostly because I tend to spend my
>> spare time on other things (more offline activities and such).
>> While this is good for me (:D), it sucks for the project and its
>> further development.
>So sad ;( Though, I won't blame you to have done the job for all this
>time, nor having other priorities by now :)
>> So?
>> I'd like to find a new project maintainer who keeps the development
>> going on, coordinate the project with the community, reviews patches,
>> makes releases and so on.
>> The first candidate is of course Colomban if he wants.
>Well, well, well... I thought a bit about it, and I think I'll accept
>the position if others do.  The problem for me is that, ATM, I don't


>So if my role as maintainer/leader can be mostly this, plus of course
>discussing on the ML, trying to read (most of) the threads, etc., I'll
>accept it.

So, I guess we all agree to say hooray for Colomban!  :)
I'll think a bit about what's necessary to complete the change.

>For the release part, I must admit I'm neither really familiar with it,
>nor really comfortable with it (I always think I'll forgot something
>important when I do a release... :( ), but I still can handle this --
>I'd just like to be assisted the first time, just for me to be
>comfortable, but I guess you can do than Enrico, right? :)

Of course.
I have a list of thngs to be done for a release which helped me in the
past to not forget at least the big things. In preparation of the next
release, I'll translate it into English (except you want my dirty
German :D) and then we can make it together.

>This said, some (Matthew and Lex) said later in the thread I had "great
>knowledge" (thanks! :p). Although I think I have a more than reasonable
>C knowledge and a comfortable GTK+ knowledge, I have by no means a
>great Scintilla knowledge.  I don't mean I can't handle the position
>(heh, just read some Scintilla docs and stand for a pro :p), but don't
>believe I'll be the next Enrico on this subject ;)

Hmm, that sounds like I'm a Scintilla expert. No, no.
Anyway, in case of any questions, just ask. Maybe I can help, maybe
not :).

>> just won't read each thread on
>> the mailing list anymore nor do I plan to participate any big code
>> design discussions.
>> What I want to do is to commit small changes from time to time and to
>> continue maintaining my plugin SpellCheck.
>Great, I think you even still can be a "real" developer if you want,
>the only problem there is right now IMHO is that "we" thinks you're
>BDFL and thus rely on you.  Also, as somebody said a few months ago

Nice, I didn't know the term before but that's exactly what I felt like
and this sucked. I don't want to be the BDFL. I don't want to be any
dictator at all (:D) and especially not for Geany.

>> About the further progress:
>> I want to finish (some content is still missing) and announce the
>> already set up Wiki (wiki.geany.org) and ideally make a Geany 0.21
>> release soon together with the new project maintainer :).
>Fine with it, Frank already spoke about it and I and Dominic agreed
>with him: we should release 0.21 soon (the meaning of this word being
>vague, I guess it's OK to use it :D).  Maybe end of September to leave
>the summertime alone, leaving time for translation updates too.

I don't mind about the release date and plan, decide as you think and
tell me when you need my help.

>> I'm afraid especially for the Windows builds some assistance is
>> necessary as before, I always made the Windows builds on my own and
>> never documented what's necessary and how this is done (shame on me).
>I leave this one to somebody else, sorry :-'

I guess Matthew could adopt this as he stated basic interest in another
post in this thread. If not, I maybe could maintain the Windows part a
little longer (I recently started working with Windows at work, not
that I like this OS better now but at least I'm getting used to :D).

Thanks guys!


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