[Geany-devel] Me, Geany and the future

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Wed Aug 10 21:38:24 UTC 2011

Le 09/08/2011 20:38, Enrico Tröger a écrit :
> Hey guys,
> as you certainly noticed, I didn't do any development nor replying
> mails regarding Geany. This is mostly because I tend to spend my spare
> time on other things (more offline activities and such).
> While this is good for me (:D), it sucks for the project and its
> further development.

So sad ;( Though, I won't blame you to have done the job for all this
time, nor having other priorities by now :)

> So?
> I'd like to find a new project maintainer who keeps the development
> going on, coordinate the project with the community, reviews patches,
> makes releases and so on.
> The first candidate is of course Colomban if he wants.

Well, well, well... I thought a bit about it, and I think I'll accept
the position if others do.  The problem for me is that, ATM, I don't
have great plans for Geany's future -- meaning I don't know what I think
should be added, changed or greatly improved in Geany in the near future.

However, I don't plan to stop working on Geany, don't get me wrong.  I
will of course do bugfixes, and still implement feature I think are
good, etc: I just don't plan to propose a new big thing soon, but I'll
help on the ones that other proposes (and that I find good).
And I can, as some later in the thread seems to suggest, take the role
of accepting patches, review them, commenting, committing etc.  If we
adopt a pull-base workflow, it should be "easy" for me to do so -- well,
don't talk to Dimitar about my reviews, right? :D

So if my role as maintainer/leader can be mostly this, plus of course
discussing on the ML, trying to read (most of) the threads, etc., I'll
accept it.

For the release part, I must admit I'm neither really familiar with it,
nor really comfortable with it (I always think I'll forgot something
important when I do a release... :( ), but I still can handle this --
I'd just like to be assisted the first time, just for me to be
comfortable, but I guess you can do than Enrico, right? :)

This said, some (Matthew and Lex) said later in the thread I had "great
knowledge" (thanks! :p). Although I think I have a more than reasonable
C knowledge and a comfortable GTK+ knowledge, I have by no means a great
Scintilla knowledge.  I don't mean I can't handle the position (heh,
just read some Scintilla docs and stand for a pro :p), but don't believe
I'll be the next Enrico on this subject ;)

> Though, I don't
> mind much who wants to continue the project. The only thing I wish is
> that it is continued with the original spirit in mind: keeping Geany
> itself quite small, fast and simple as it has been in the past years.
> We don't need to clone Eclipse :D.

Yeah I do want to clone Eclipse :p Er, what? No thanks :D

> It's just that I don't want to hinder Geany's development any longer by
> my absence as it was in the past months.
> I talked to Nick before and he feels the same way basically.
> Any volunteers for this should now raise their voice!

And new (or more active) developers too :)

> I personally won't be completely away,

Good to hear :)

> just won't read each thread on
> the mailing list anymore nor do I plan to participate any big code
> design discussions.
> What I want to do is to commit small changes from time to time and to
> continue maintaining my plugin SpellCheck.

Great, I think you even still can be a "real" developer if you want, the
only problem there is right now IMHO is that "we" thinks you're BDFL and
thus rely on you.  Also, as somebody said a few months ago (Matthew?), I
think we can have more core developers as well, if anybody's interested
(great to hear from you both Dimitar and Matthew :)).

> If anyone wants to adopt the Addons plugin, I'd be happy. If not, I'd
> continue maintaining it as well.
> Also, I will continue administrating geany.org and the related things
> (the main website, the wiki, nightly.geany.org, irc.geany.org and such
> things).

Thanks :)

> About the further progress:
> I want to finish (some content is still missing) and announce the
> already set up Wiki (wiki.geany.org) and ideally make a Geany 0.21
> release soon together with the new project maintainer :).

Fine with it, Frank already spoke about it and I and Dominic agreed with
him: we should release 0.21 soon (the meaning of this word being vague,
I guess it's OK to use it :D).  Maybe end of September to leave the
summertime alone, leaving time for translation updates too.

> I'm afraid especially for the Windows builds some assistance is
> necessary as before, I always made the Windows builds on my own and
> never documented what's necessary and how this is done (shame on me).

I leave this one to somebody else, sorry :-'

(I'll stop reviewing this email and send it, will be better for all of us)


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