[Geany-devel] Me, Geany and the future

Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Tue Aug 9 18:38:27 UTC 2011

Hey guys,

as you certainly noticed, I didn't do any development nor replying
mails regarding Geany. This is mostly because I tend to spend my spare
time on other things (more offline activities and such).
While this is good for me (:D), it sucks for the project and its
further development.


I'd like to find a new project maintainer who keeps the development
going on, coordinate the project with the community, reviews patches,
makes releases and so on.
The first candidate is of course Colomban if he wants. Though, I don't
mind much who wants to continue the project. The only thing I wish is
that it is continued with the original spirit in mind: keeping Geany
itself quite small, fast and simple as it has been in the past years.
We don't need to clone Eclipse :D.
It's just that I don't want to hinder Geany's development any longer by
my absence as it was in the past months.
I talked to Nick before and he feels the same way basically.

Any volunteers for this should now raise their voice!

I personally won't be completely away, just won't read each thread on
the mailing list anymore nor do I plan to participate any big code
design discussions.
What I want to do is to commit small changes from time to time and to
continue maintaining my plugin SpellCheck.
If anyone wants to adopt the Addons plugin, I'd be happy. If not, I'd
continue maintaining it as well.

Also, I will continue administrating geany.org and the related things
(the main website, the wiki, nightly.geany.org, irc.geany.org and such

About the further progress:

I want to finish (some content is still missing) and announce the
already set up Wiki (wiki.geany.org) and ideally make a Geany 0.21
release soon together with the new project maintainer :).
I'm afraid especially for the Windows builds some assistance is
necessary as before, I always made the Windows builds on my own and
never documented what's necessary and how this is done (shame on me).


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