[Geany-devel] RFC: uninitialized variable in theoretical execution path.

Daniel Marjamäki daniel.marjamaki at xxxxx
Sun Aug 7 14:58:17 UTC 2011


>> I wrote a simple Cppcheck plugin that searches for "uninitialized
>> variable" in "theoretical execution paths". It will assume that all
>> conditions can always be both true/false.

> Interesting, can it be found somewhere?

I plan to make it available online. But it's not ready yet. It should
at least handle switch and va_start first.

Right now it contains many bailouts to reduce noise. And I just wrote
"FIXME" as comments. I at least plan to fix those before I make it
available online.

Thanks a lot for reviewing those reports. Sorry about the trouble - I
was hoping there would be more genuine problems.

Best regards,

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