[Geany-devel] GObject, new plugin interface .... & Vala bindings

Matthew Brush mbrush at xxxxx
Sat Apr 30 23:47:28 UTC 2011

On 04/30/11 08:14, Nick Treleaven wrote:

> Thanks for explaining. I still feel against the idea, but I won't try
> to veto it.

I think this is pretty much where we left off the previous discussion on 
GObject plugin API.  Basically, the core developers are either against 
the idea or don't have time to accept/review/commit work on this, which 
means an "unspoken veto" of sorts.  I'm not saying there's anything 
wrong with this per se, you guys guide/control the project's 
development, so it's really your choice.

Matthew Brush

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