[Geany-devel] Set Filetypes Menu

Matthew Brush mbrush at xxxxx
Fri Apr 29 04:09:18 UTC 2011

I missed the the commit[1] before the previous one I mentioned, which is 
a pretty cool feature if it does what I think it does.  Is this 
documented yet or is still a work in progress?  Is it meant to let the 
user reorganize/rename the menu items in the Set Filetypes menu?

I notice the default filetypes_extensions.conf has 'Typoscript' in 
[Groups] which throws a warning on geany -v and that Genie and Scala 
show up under Compiled in the Set Filetypes Menu which is cool, but 
there's still a 'Custom Filetypes' menu item that pops out an empty menu.

Matthew Brush


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