[Geany-devel] GObject, new plugin interface ....

Frank Lanitz frank at xxxxx
Thu Apr 28 07:01:08 UTC 2011


Am 12.03.2011 19:11, schrieb Frank Lanitz:
> During the last weeks a huge number mails at this list was stating to
> make usage of GObject on building up a new plugin interface. It has been
> talked about libpeas and adding support for Vala, Python etc. Before we
> do discuss any further I'd like to point to an email Enrico sent
> earlier this year onto this list:
> http://lists.uvena.de/geany-devel/2011-February/003905.html
> Originally Geany wasn't designed/coded to work with GObject. Moving to
> an plugin interface using this would most likely cause rewriting of a
> lot of code. However, if really somebody of you like to go this
> further I suggest to start a new branch where all changes can be
> tracked in.
> But before we can discuss about the positive/negativ points I just
> want to ask who likes to take over this task as a kind of lead
> engineer and project manager to be the lead here having in mind it will
> most likely not a 5-minute-task?

What's the outcome here? I saw a lot of technical discussion followed up 
by my original posting but nobody took over the rule to bring all the 
idea into synch. Not sure whether I might did miss something.


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