[Geany-devel] GeanyCFP

William Fraser william.fraser at xxxxx
Sun Apr 17 11:45:34 UTC 2011

Hello one and all,

First of all - appologies as I've not been in contact for a couple of
months. Have moved house and the phone company/ISP royally fouled up,
and had to change providers so no internet access for about 8 weeks :(
Also a couple of family emergencies, and I've a major exam looming, so
may be a little slow for the next month or so.

Frank Lanitz suggested splitting geanycfp into separate plugins. I think
this makes sense for several reasons: by splitting it into GeanyMacros,
and GeanyNumberedBookmarks it makes it clearer what the plugins do, and
it keeps it more in-keeping with the light-weight/only add what you use
mentality of Geany and Geany-Plugins. I have therefore split it into 2
separate plugins.

Enrico Tröeger raised problems with my use of a GTK function requiring
versions above 2.8. I've edited my code now to make editing the
accelerator key combination when you look at all macros only available
if you're compiling with a version of GTK of at least 2.10 by using #if
GTK_CHECK_VERSION(2,10,0). The code should again compile with any
version above 2.8 (and will have the added feature if you use 2.10 or
later (but the plugin is perfectly usable without this feature).

As for forking a light-weight Geany, I would do one compiled to run
using a mark 1 graphite stylus, and cellulose based VDU - pencil & paper

William Fraser

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