[Geany-devel] Win32 Build

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Sun Apr 3 23:15:49 UTC 2011

Le 04/04/2011 01:05, Lex Trotman a écrit :
>> Weird.
>> I don't know why I don't have these problems. The missing gdk-pixbuf
>> includes might be due newer GTK version you used. I build Geany on
>> Windows with GTK 2.16 which was the recommended version since they
>> changed quite some stuff in 2.18. Not sure what's the current status
>> about this.
> IIUC GTK for windows remained unrepaired from 2.18 until someone
> outside the GTK team did a lot of fixes for 2.24.

IIRC Tor Lillqvist is the only GTK+ maintainer for Windows, and there is 
some lack of testers for that platform...
Though, I never seen any problems with > 2.16 version the rare times I 
used Windows (e.g. with Geany & plugins :D).

And I never seen Gimp break on Windows either although it always used 
up-to-date GTK versions AFAIK.


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