[Geany-devel] Scintilla 2.25

Randy Kramer rhkramer at xxxxx
Sun Apr 3 11:14:22 UTC 2011

Matthew (or anybody),

I want to piggyback my question onto this thread, as I suspect you'll 
know the answer.  If I create a new lexer for Scintilla, and then 
compile Scintilla, what must I do to get that new lexer (and new 
Scintilla) to work with Geany?

I tried to look into this a little bit once (at the time as almost a 
total newbie to C/C++) (about 18 months ago).  I vaguely recall that 
Geany needs something other (or in addition to) the <lexer>.properties 
file which SciTE needs to make use of a new lexer.  (As well, Scintilla 
and SciTE need some changes to various files other than the new lexer 
file to make a lexer take effect.)

Is there something about the requirements or procedure to get a new 
lexer / new Scintilla to work with Geany?

Randy Kramer

On Saturday 02 April 2011 10:36:49 pm Matthew Brush wrote:
> I have upgraded my working copy of Geany to use Scintilla 2.25.
> Attached are patches of the upgrade[1] (*massive patch*) and the
> application of my Scintilla patches[2] which were later merged
> upstream.

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