[Geany-devel] scintilla update - Re: scintilla rectangle selection change

Nick Treleaven nick.treleaven at xxxxx
Thu Nov 25 16:59:06 UTC 2010

On Thu, 25 Nov 2010 00:47:22 +0100
Enrico Tröger <enrico.troeger at uvena.de> wrote:

> >>> I just created the branch and will commit the updated Scintilla copy
> >>> soon.
> Soon = now().
> I committed the new Scintilla version into the unstable branch. I hope
> I did it right. The scintilla_changes.patch still needs to be updated,
> will do this sometime later, though there were no other changes I did
> to the sources, only removed unused lexers.

Great. Looks like quite a big change (the directory structure changes).

> There might be more work necessary like updating lexer constants like
> those for strings and comments in src/editor.c.

BTW we moved the is_{comment,string,code}_style functions to
highlighting.c, and they're now in the plugin API. I thought it was
good to have most lexer style constant usage in the same source file.


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