[Geany-devel] Auto-close parenthesis - ID: 2957958 Need Info

shan chak shankholove at xxxxx
Fri Nov 12 16:01:59 UTC 2010


> Since you need to know the algorithm to implement it, perhaps you
> should write it out here for review.  And remember this code is run
> for all filetypes, you might need to think about impacts on non-C
> filetypes.
>  You were correct , my bad :( I tried a lot to create something generic but
there was always some filetypes which would create an annoying exception and
thus at the end the code became so filetype specific that at the end I had
to give up the idea.

> Probably ok if ) is immediately after (, the user is sure to see it
> go.  But even so this should be off by default and turned on by a
> preference.
I found the case while testing (() this is perfectly legal. Now if we delete
the 2nd open brace the closing brace should not be deleted, so the deletion
is only applicable when the ) is just added . I think selective removal will
create a lot of confusion to the end users so removed the code for this also

My first attempt went in vain :( . Searching for other bugs to debug.

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