[Geany-devel] Auto-close parenthesis - ID: 2957958 Need Info

shan chak shankholove at xxxxx
Wed Nov 3 10:02:52 UTC 2010


Since you need to know the algorithm to implement it, perhaps you
> should write it out here for review.  And remember this code is run
> for all filetypes, you might need to think about impacts on non-C
> filetypes.

Thanks Lex, I was primarily thinking only C/C++ and Java. Let me develop the
algo first. Need to keep in mind the various filetypes and uses of
parenthesis in all of them.

> Probably ok if ) is immediately after (, the user is sure to see it
> go.  But even so this should be off by default and turned on by a
> preference.
> Let me create a patch and test.

> Cheers
> Lex
> Thank you
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