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WILLIAM FRASER william.fraser at xxxxx
Mon Nov 1 21:08:10 UTC 2010

My apologies for any confusion. My code style is very terse, and I don't put
in as many comments as other programmers (I started off in machine code on
64K machines, and have never properly got into the habit of  commenting

GTK_RESPONSE_ACCEPT is the default code as we hit the switch. This is the
case if we haven't encountered any problems while opening the document (no
one has edited the file since it was last saved by geany, and so the line
numbers where the bookmarks are, and the number of folds should be the

GTK_RESPONSE_OK is only possible if the file has changed. It is used to
indicate that the file has changed and that the user is ok with the advice
to not try to apply the saved positions to the file in case it makes a mess
of things. So there is no case in the switch for this (it's caught by the
default statement) as we ignore the bookmark and fold data.

GTK_RESPONSE_REJECT is again only possible if the file has changed. It is
used to indicate that the file has changed, but that the user wants to
ignore the program's advice and try to apply bookmarks anyway accepting that
they might be in the wrong place. Fold data could be a real mess if it's
attempted to be applied in the wrong place, so it doesn't even try.

When testing I opened a file in another editor and then saved it again, so
that I would only get GTK_RESPONSE_REJECT or GTK_RESPONSE_OK messages when
the program reached the switch statement. I'm fairly sure that this isn't
the cause of the problem...

> Not sure if its part of the problem, but I notice that line 436
> responds GTK_RESPONSE_OK which is not a case in the switch(l)
> statement at line 445 so it should do default which makes it do
> nothing.
> Cheers
> Lex
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