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shan chak shankholove at xxxxx
Mon Nov 1 02:24:56 UTC 2010

My name is shankhs, I love trekking, running and volleyball, I am a C/C++
My work is mostly to create softwares to help hardware designers. I develop
my apps mostly using vi, but a few days back my friend suggested geany and I
liked it a lot and now I am using geany for lots of dev works.
Now since geany is open source I want to contribute back to the community.
Can anyone please help me in following things:

1. I believe the source control is svn?
2. Which are the libraries ( not standard C ones ) being used in geany?I
figured out gtk+ 2, are there any more libraries ?
3. Can anybody mentor me?
4. There is a lot of auto-generated code in geany, can I get a stripped
source code which I can compile with plain gcc and and not use autogen.sh?
It becomes a lot easier to understand then.
5. Which is the better way to start a) try to reproduce some bugs then
create a patch or b) implement some requested feature?
6. Can I be assigned a bug or a feature request? OR is this voluntary?how
does this works?
I think its better if admins assign me a bug ( or feature) or two.

Thank you so much for taking the pain to go through my novice
curiosities.Looking forward to your answers.

Thanks and Regards
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