[Geany-devel] SM Client_ + Legacy_

Eugene Arshinov earshinov at xxxxx
Wed May 19 07:01:35 UTC 2010

On Wed, 3 Mar 2010 11:32:57 +0300%
Dimitar Zhekov <hamster at mbox.contact.bg> wrote:

> Hi.
> Now to the point. I went ahead and tested the sm, and ran into a
> problem: in the X11 session, the geany instances are stored both
> as Client_ (by sm.c) and Legacy_ (by gtk/gdk, as in 0.18).
> Normally a gdk_set_sm_client_id(new_client_id) would fix this, but
> there is a side effect. The XSM window settings (maximized
> state, desktop# etc.) are applied to the first window open by the
> session client, and since sm_init() is run after the main geany window
> is created:
> 1. Geany always appears on the first desktop.
> 2. If you choose File -> Open or Edit -> Preferences, and geany was
> maximized, the Open or Preferences dialog appears maximized instead.
> That depends on the dialog, for example, Open may also "appear"
> minimized, while Find seems unaffected.
> Using gdk_set_sm_client_id() and moving sm_init() before main_init()
> will fix this, and since sm_init() is very limited, that shouldn't
> break anything... but I'm not sure.


Thanks for suggestion, now committed. It's the first time I'm
using SM so I didn't even know about gdk_set_sm_client_id(). Also,
could you please tell me how to view the X11 session (you are writing
about "Client_" and "Legacy_")?

Best regards,

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