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My name is Mircea Hasegan and I'm from Romania. I've been working for 3
years in a multinational company as a developer (TCL scripter to be more
Recently i decided to switch from Windows to Linux. The switch forced me to
find a Linux editor that would meet my needs and expectations.
After many attempts i decided that Geany was the best IDE i could find and
it keeps on exceeding my expectations. Great job!
Yesterday i decided to create a couple of plugins that i needed in geany
(copy full file path to clipboard and clear read-only attributes from files)
because I needed them a lot.
To make a long story short I decided to do my best and try to contribute to
your wonderful project.
I've started coding in C under Linux only recently so my expertise is not
something to brag about, but i'm willing to learn.
Mainly I want to start with reading your code base. Then try to fix some
trivial bugs until I get to understand your code and coding rules, then
advance and help you with more advanced bugs and who knows, maybe even

Best regards,
Mircea Hasegan
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