[Geany-devel] configurable status line?

Dimitar Zhekov dimitar.zhekov at xxxxx
Sun Jun 27 11:28:39 UTC 2010


This is the $subject.

To preserve the status bar speed, I used only g_string_append(), as in
the current code, instead of utils_string_replace_all(). There are more
_append calls, but that can't be avoided.

The format speifiers are:

%l   current line
%c   current column
%n   number of lines
%s   selected chars
%w   write mode: "RO ", "INS" or "OVR"
%t   tab mode: "TAB", "SP" or "T/S"
%m   eoln mode
%e   encoding
%b   byte order mark: "(with BOM)" or nothing
%f   file type
%*   "MOD" or nothing
%a   active scope
%_   separator: 6 spaces
%o   current column, 1-based (alternative of %c)
%r   readonly mode: "RO " or nothing (alternative of %w)

Percent and any other character = that character (including %% = % and
%<zero> = nothing).

The default status line is:

"line: %l / %n\t col: %c\t sel: %s\t %w%_%t%_mode: %m%_encoding: %e
%_filetype: %f%_%*%_scope: %a"

I was thinking about %1..9 to set the number of spaces for %_, but that
seems too much...

E-gards: Jimmy
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