[Geany-devel] Translation of Build menu labels

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Mon Jun 21 00:54:01 UTC 2010

Hi Enrico,

On 3 June you committed a change to translate menu item labels.

This is the wrong thing to do because:

1. If loaded from user config files the strings are written by users
and should not be translated

2. If loaded from a config file with the old [build-settings] section
and no [build-menu] section (all but Latex IIRC) then the labels are
created in the code of build_load_menu_group and are already
translated there.

3. The Latex menu labels won't be translated because the strings don't
exist in code anywhere.  The msgids are therefore commented out in the
po files.

AFAICT the change won't do anything, but it exposes a bug in gettext
that returns a large message if its passed an empty string, and empty
strings are explicitly allowed in the configuration to hide a menu

What problem were you trying to fix?


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