[Geany-devel] Build config dialog change

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Mon Jun 14 23:03:00 UTC 2010

> (using the correct terminology)

Thanks :-)

> From what I understand how the dialog will look like it will only
> display the currently used commands, correct? If so, then I expect it
> won't be possible to edit the user commands that have been overridden
> by the project commands.

It will be possible.

Because the subdialog shows only one menu item's settings, there is
plenty of space to show all the sources which you can edit at once, so
you can see what overrides what.  Of course the project settings will
be insensitive if no project is open.

This will be a bit unfriendly to the user. If
> he decides he wants to edit the user commands, he'll have to close the
> project, edit the commands, and reopen the project again (if he wants
> to continue in his work on the project). I think the two-mode
> operation (no project open, project open) will be a bit confusing - in
> one mode you'll edit the user commands only, in the other mode you'll
> half edit the user commands and half the project commands, depending
> on what has been overridden. And the "mode" depends on something
> external from the dialog itself and it won't be apparent to the user,
> what it is. The two-tabs dialog would eliminate the confusion.
This sort of thing is what I'm trying to avoid.

>> Now before you accuse me of making the build system too complicated,
>> let me point out that most of these functions are available now, I'm
>> just making them explicitly configurable rather than depending on
>> position in the menu or some other hidden criteria that is currently
>> adding lots of special case code, limiting what can be configured and
>> requiring knowledge of these limitations to configure it.
> If there is a code like that, it's definitely a good idea to add the
> extra options you propose. I'll wait until I see this modified dialog
> before accusing you of making things complicated ;-). I expect a huge
> amount of information has been lost during the transformation
> image in your head -> words -> image in my head

Yeah, GUIs are hard to describe and even harder to read in words :-)

So thanks for trying, it helps to get my thoughts clear if I've got to
describe it.


> so I'll wait for the final result.
> Cheers,
> Jiri
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