[Geany-devel] Git switch

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Mon Jun 14 01:58:33 UTC 2010

To reply to several previous posts.

>   * Remotely hosted branches: gitorious.org/github.com can be very
>     useful for these, no matter how much you hate them. It'd be worth
>     having a mirror of Geany on gitorious.org/github.com to allow for
>     users to perform remote-cloning and pushing of new commits, so
>     that you can either rebase or merge these back into the main tree
>     hosted at sourceforge.net.

I see that ability for anyone to create visible branches that can be
easily tested by anyone as the main improvement that switching to Git
would give.  And teh project admins don't need to do anything to
enable them (unless on sourceforge).

Note that in reality the workflow for patches not pushed directly by
contributors with commit rights, is that they are applied in someones
local working directory checked, edited and then committed and pushed,
almost never would such changes be direct to the master repo.

> Sourceforge tends to have "bad days" here too (Czech Republic) - I
> suspect it's a global problem. (From my experience so far, gitorious
> works very well here.) One more reason for having an alternative
> mirror.

SVN seems to work much better here (Australia) lately, maybe its
backbone upgrades or that the ISP upgraded my ADSL speed, it used to
have horrendous days.

For me there is the one possible advantage for Git, but as of now I'm
happy either way, I can go on using SVN to the repo and git locally.

I guess we should also consider that no matter how easy we think it
will be there will probably be some disruption during the changeover
so it should be now (immediately after a release) or not until the
next release, which I think is probably better so that the hosting and
workflow issues can be worked through some more.  Jiri, hold that
Gitorious project to keep out cyber squatters.


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