[Geany-devel] project build dialog - Re: [ANNOUNCE] gproject - yet another geany project plugin

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Thu Jun 10 01:07:59 UTC 2010


Note to self, read the whole thread before replying to any :-) see my
other reply plus below.

>> Yes I realised a while ago it can be confusing, thats part of why I
>> want to combine both dialogs into one in v2.0.
> Yes, it's pretty confusing. Once you create a project you don't expect
> that what you see in the build tab changes based on what change you
> make in the global settings (until you modify the commands in the
> project for the first time). This makes the project totally unportable
> because it depends on the global settings of the current instance of
> geany. So if I move the project from my home computer to work, things
> just can stop working because I have different global settings there.
> What I would suggest is that upon project creation you make a complete
> copy

Thats just what I didn't want to do, remember there are filetype
commands and execute commands too makes each project copy big.

 of the global settings and since then the two are edited
> independently. Otherwise all the settings is a total mess.

And you program in C++ !! I'd have thought overriding some entries
only would be easy to understand :-)

Seriously, yes the whole thing should be in one dialog so that you can
see what overrides what and edit the one you want, thats part of v2.0.


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