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Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Wed Jun 9 00:48:39 UTC 2010

On 9 June 2010 10:08, Colomban Wendling <lists.ban at herbesfolles.org> wrote:
> Le 08/06/2010 04:34, Lex Trotman a écrit :
>> On 8 June 2010 00:43, Colomban Wendling <lists.ban at herbesfolles.org> wrote:
>>> How to know if a character is or not part of a comment, string or so? (e.g.
>>> should be interpreted as a syntactic element by itself) I need this to find
>>> the parenthesis -- and no, I can't do the same than brace_match() since I
>>> don't know the position of any of the parentheses.
>> Use editor.c/is_comment_style()
> Hey, almost perfect, found is_code_style() which is exactly what I need,
> thanks a lot!
>> The brace match indenting code needs fixing too, since it adjusts the
>> indent of a } in a comment!!!
> True, and same for opening ones. Should be relatively easy to fix
> though, even if it's perhaps not a change trivial enough to be in 0.19.

Yeah, the whole brace_match needs work.

>> Also brace_match ability to go forward and backward is wasted since it
>> is only ever called from close_brace which AFAICT is only ever called
>> with the current character a }
>>> Why brace_match() uses the character at (pos - 1) but the style at (pos)?
>>> This seems to be needed for brackets but breaks with parentheses (see
>>> comments in the WIP patch).
>> Hmmm, actually the question is how do braces work when it does that?
>> Probably pos is always > sci_get_end_styling since a } has just been
>> added to the buffer and the scintilla documentation says the charadded
>> notification is called before styling is done.
> It doesn't seems that simple since if I replace pos by pos - 1, the
> brace matching indentation breaks…

Which pos? there are lots in brace_match, what about if pos-1 is
replaced by pos?

>>> And now the unique question (not that urgent since the patch isn't ready):
>>> how to add this as part of the auto-indentation? (I mean, always enable it
>>> -- I don't think everybody will like --, add a new indent method, a new
>>> separated setting, or what?)
>> I think it needs to be a separate setting, parentheses indent mode
> You mean a complete setting like the indent mode (with different levels,
> etc) or simply a kinda boolean setting like "auto-indent parentheses"?
> Maybe a complex setting might be interesting to allow not only
> alignment, but also Geany-style of extra-indentation that isn't
> alignment and even other if somebody needs it.

I was thinking something similar to the brace matching settings for
the reasons you give below.  There is plenty of room in that page of
the prefs dialog.  Of course with my GUI record Enrico is sure to
disgree :D

> Ah, and there is another thing I would have to improve bracket matching
> indentation when the opening one is indented because of an alignment:
> backward parentheses matching after bracket matching. This would fix
> indentation of something like:
> if (a &&
> b) {
> /* code */
> }
> which currently result to:
> if (a &&
> b) {
> /* code */
> }

Sadly this example came through the email without any indentation at
all so I'm not sure what you mean.

> which is obviously wrong here. I mean that the bracket is first matched,
> and then if there is a non-balanced parenthesis, it is matched to
> finally get the indentation. Well, of course it's probably not enough in
> some cases an/or languages, but it would probably fix the majority of
> scenario.
> Not sure if it should be completely related to parentheses
> auto-indentation and/or matching, or if it should be part of a sort of
> "intelligent detection of alignment vs. indentation".
> Anyway, I join an updated patch that seems to work very well (at least
> for me), thanks to is_code_style()! It still misses settings, and I
> would like to know your thoughts about what should depend on which
> setting (there's FIXME in the patch for them); and even how you'd like
> to see it in the preference dialogue.

I don't have a chance just now but will as soon as possible, I like
the idea of assisted function parameter indentation.


> Regards,
> Colomban
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