[Geany-devel] What's with the for loop in get_brace_indent() ?

Jason Oster jason.oster at xxxxx
Fri Jul 9 17:47:07 UTC 2010

Greetings list!

While doing some preliminary work on a simple patch, I noticed some 
interesting code in editor.c:get_brace_indent() svn r5100.

It starts out simple enough, with a for loop iterating over the full 
length of the current line of text at the caret position.  The first 
thing tested though does not make sense to me:

 > if (linebuf[i] == '{' && i == (len - 1))

It checks the character currently being iterated through, and *then* 
requires that it's the last character in the line.  :(

Assuming this fails (the last character in the line is not '{'), the 
code does something else that is strange:

 > gint k = len - 1;
 > while (k > 0 && isspace(linebuf[k])) k--;

If finds the last non-white space character in the line ...

 > if (linebuf[k] == '{')

... and verifies that it's an opening curly brace.  And this all happens 
within a for loop that iterates forward through linebuf[].

"But that's not all!"

The for loop is unconditionally broken on the first iteration!

As a result, the for loop is useless, the ret++ is useless (the function 
only returns 0 or 1), and the first check (against the last character) 
is useless.  As a result, I recommend the following patch to clean up 
this function.

I left the return value gint, rather than making it a gboolean.  The 
only code I know of that uses this function 
(editor.c:get_indent_size_after_line()) multiplies the return value 
against the indent width.  On the other hand, what the heck?  I might 
just opt to replace that usage with something like this:

 > size += (get_brace_indent(sci, line) ? iprefs->width : 0);

That's actually kind of pretty.  ;)  Does anyone know if 
get_brace_indent() has other uses? It doesn't look like it's exported to 
plugins, for example, and grep doesn't find anything else.

Thanks list!
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