[Geany-devel] adding geany_debug to plugins

Tony Rick tonyr42 at xxxxx
Thu Feb 25 21:29:04 UTC 2010

I didn't see the use of *geany_debug* in any plugin source that I've looked
at.  Is there some other convention for reporting debug information for
plugins?  I've been using *printf*, but would prefer *geany_debug*.

As an implementation exercise, I

   1. added member *void (*geany_debug)* to struct PluginFuncs, replicating
   the declaration of *geany_debug* in geany.h
   2. added an initializer (reference to *geany_debug*) to *plugin_funcs* in
   3. added a *#define geany_debug* in *geanyfunctions.h*.
   4. used *geany_debug()* in the plugin (Tools->Template Files) I'm

What's the right way?  All of the ...Funcs structs seem to use name prefix
conventions, but *geany_debug* doesn't fit any pattern.  Should there be
another ...Funcs struct for this?  Or maybe a similar but separate debug
function should exist for plugins?

- tony
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