[Geany-devel] Introduction - Can Koy

Can Koy cankoy at xxxxx
Thu Feb 25 11:25:54 UTC 2010


My name is Can Koy, and I live in Ankara, Turkey. 
(for those confused, my name's pronounced like 'John').

My interest in Geany is purely selfish. I just wanted to have a good, robust, fast, intuitive, versatile editor, without 1970's visuals(!), on Linux. So far, Geany is the closest to match those and fulfill my needs (shell script, config files, php, html, css, etc).

I did a lot of C programming in the past on Win32, Un*x, MS-DOS. Now I intend to apply those skills to fix/enhance Geany and, hopefully, eliminate some frustrations I have while using it.

Thanks, bye.


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