[Geany-devel] Command-line option to open a project (was: Questions about Geany project support)

Eugene Arshinov earshinov at xxxxx
Mon Feb 22 22:17:05 UTC 2010


On Sun, 21 Feb 2010 14:55:16 +0100%
Enrico Tröger <enrico.troeger at uvena.de> wrote:

> On Mon, 15 Feb 2010 14:12:48 +0300, Eugene wrote:
> >Hi all. Here is the last question.
> >
> >Preface.
> >Currently if the first filename passed via command-line has ".geany"
> >extension, it's opened as a project. If I implement project support
> >in SM using this behaviour, there will be a little trouble.
> >
> >The trouble.
> >Suppose a user has neither default session not a project opened
> >(example: "geany -s"), and he opens a project file to edit it
> >manually. Then if he logs out without closing Geany, my SM code has
> >to store opened files in restart command like "geany -s
> >edited_proj.geany". You see what happens after that when Geany is
> >restarted.
> >
> >A solution.
> >Provide a separate command-line option to open a project (e.g.,
> >"--project" or "-r" as "-p" is reserved for "--no-plugins"). This
> >behaviour is more convenient and it eliminates the problem
> >completely.
> >
> >Absence of compatibility (1).
> >BUT current behaviour is rather old and users may be familiar with
> >it. Maybe(?) it is acceptable to drop that behaviour completely and
> >tell all users about it (is there a way to do it? I believe that
> >most of
> No, not really.
> As Dominic said, we have the mailing lists, IRC and as a last resort
> the release notes. But there is no way to really tell all users about
> any changes. I'm afraid almost nobody really reads the release notes
> at all. But still, this shouldn't prevent us from going further...
> >Conclusion.
> >If (1) is acceptable, I'd prefer to implement (1). Otherwise, I'd
> >like to implement (3).
> >
> >Questions.
> >Is (1) acceptable? Any other opinions?
> I prefer solution 1 as well. Yes, compatibility would be nicer but in
> this case it might be not that important and so not worth.

Okay, I've just implemented and committed (1). Actually, I'm glad I
didn't need to spend more time to implement (3). :)

SM branch seems to be complete. Everybody is welcome for testing,
especially with "Preferences -> General -> Misc -> Use
project-based session files" check button unchecked; I don't know what
it does and whether it can really infect project-related behaviour I

Best regards,

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