[Geany-devel] insert numbers plugin [was: Intro]

Dimitar Zhekov hamster at xxxxx
Mon Feb 22 16:48:29 UTC 2010

On Sun, 21 Feb 2010 20:58:14 +0100
Frank Lanitz <frank at frank.uvena.de> wrote:

> > This duplicates
> > existing functionality, so I'm not sure about putting it in the
> > plugin.
> The only plugin I think this is duplicating some feature is the
> shiftcolumn one. As this is some complete different plugin, I don't
> mind to start a complete new one. 

Perhaps I should have been more specific. If you mark a rectangle in
Geany, without any plugins, and start typing, the characters will be
inserted in each marked line. That's the function my plugin will
duplicate if I add an option to insert/replace rectangular selection
with a plain string.

> BTW: For doing the undo stuff you could use 
> sci_start_undo_action () and sci_end_undo_action() from plugin API.

I do; Geany's typing text into a vertical selection is undone
character by character. The single start/end undo pair is what makes
the plugin faster (well, and the single screen refresh too).

IMHO, it's time to change the subject, and mail the plugin's main .c
file, so anyone interested can take a look and send remarks,
suggestions etc. Thanks in advance.

E-gards: Jimmy
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