[Geany-devel] Project-specific long line marker position

Eugene Arshinov earshinov at xxxxx
Sun Feb 21 15:34:03 UTC 2010


I just implemented $subj. I can't be sure all decisions I made are
right, so I request a review. There are a couple of screen shots, for
those who don't like applying patches: [1], [2].

In the first shot you can see I had to change the preferences dialog. I
made it so that it would be possible to determine the preferable
style of the marker (line/background) at any moment. There are some
cases when it is necessary: for example, a user may disable the marker
globally, but turn it on for particular project. With prev. version of
the dialog we wouldn't be able to decide which marker style to use.

I did not make style and color settings project-specific intentionally,
that would be just useless.

I had to tamper GeanyEditor struct a bit. It seems to cause no troubles
for plugins as GeanyEditor is not exported. Fields 'long_line_*' are
renamed to corresponding 'long_line_global_*' to emphasize they got
different semantics.

[1] Preferences Dialog: <http://xmages.net/upload/839ca662.png>
[2] Project Properties: <http://xmages.net/upload/602c3e80.png>

Best regards,
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