[Geany-devel] Separate color schemes and filetype definitions

Jonas H. jonas at xxxxx
Tue Feb 16 13:03:48 UTC 2010

I have a suggestion regarding color schemes/filetype definitions.

Currently, filetype definitions (keywords, compile-commands, ...) and 
syntax highlighting color schemes aren't separate, it's one file.

This results in problems:

1. if you update filetype defs, there are still lots of old defs going 
around on the Net (included in custom color schemes)
2. if you switch the color scheme, you lose filetype settings 
(compile-commands, ...)
3. creating new color schemes is very time-wasting and annoying, because 
you will do a lot of copy and paste.
(to be extended)

My suggestion is: Separate filetype definitions and color schemes. For 
example, think of two directories, "colorschemes" and "filedefs". A 
filedef file contains stuff like a keyword list and so on. A color 
scheme file contains nothing more but kinda 
keyword-type-color-assignment, such as

   primary = #somecolor

Furthermore I would implement something like inheritance, escpecially 
for filedefs. Let me explain what I mean by 'inheritance' in that case:

You have default filedefs in /usr/share/geany/fildefs (or whatever). If 
a custom filedef is given in .config/geany/filedefs (or whatever), all 
'keys' given in that custom file will be overriden. Advantage of this 
is: The custom files don't have to be a 1:1 copy, but only some kind of 

Advantage of this is: You can have custom settings for example for 
compile commands, but still can go with the current up-to-date keyword 
list (delivered with Geany).

What do you think?


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