[Geany-devel] Opening files with command-line

Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Sat Feb 13 15:22:34 UTC 2010

On Mon, 8 Feb 2010 20:58:06 +0300, Eugene wrote:


>> I'm completely with this. I was always annoyed by the behavior of
>> "geany file" not opening the default session. Why? mostly because
>> sometimes I just want to open a file with Geany, and I don't
>> remember/realize/pay attention that Geany is not already opened, and
>> as I strongly use the default session, I need to reopen some files
>> manually that would have been reopened automatically by the session.
>Okay, I wrote a sketch for it, even with a GUI preference: [1]. If you
>have a better label for this option, tell me :)

Don't worry about the label, we can improve it also at any later point.

>Enrico: another bunch of commits are ready. They are:
>* Use absolute paths to project files. Particularly, paths to recent
>  projects' files are now stored as absolute.
>* Make --new-instance imply --no-session, even if a project is opened.
>  An addition to rev. 4567.
>* Load files from command line even if a project is being opened.
>* Add a GUI preference to control whether the default session is loaded
>  if any files are opened via command-line (fix #2838686). Location of
>  the preference: General > Startup tab > Startup frame.
>Relative paths to projects' files were a little trouble for me. When
>I run Geany within the source tree for testing, passing a project,
>Geany remembered it, so now my Recent Projects menu is full of the same
>project file with different relative paths :)
>What do you think? Can these be committed (together with updated
>changelog, of course)?

Sure, it's your branch which is meant to be your place to get your code
in :).


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