[Geany-devel] [PATCH] Behavior of opening filenames with colons from the command line

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Thu Aug 19 19:55:45 UTC 2010

Le 19/08/2010 21:43, Lex Trotman a écrit :
>>>> I mean, with the patch, Geany can be used transparently with files that
>>>> have :nn suffixes -- apart using the :nn suffix to open at a given
>>>> line/column that doesn't always do magic (but almost).
>>>>> But maybe add a command line option to specify that the filename IS
>>>>> suffixed with :line:col so you can still paste terminal output.
>>>>> Perhaps -a and --at.
>>>> Perhaps it's a possibility, yes -- even though I'd prefer to be able to
>>>> set it as the default.
>>> Just alias ga to geany --at & save even more typing ;-)
>> Yeah true, didn't thought of it, that's not a big deal. I could even
>> alias geany to geany --whatever not to heave to think of it -- just need
>> to it.
>> Then if everybody's OK with this (Nick, Enrico?), I could implement it
>> -- or anybody else, don't mind ;)
>> But -- stop me if I'm wrong -- perhaps the reverse can be fine too? say,
>> setting $EDITOR to geany --no-whatever? Not sure it works nor it's
>> better, just to suggest.
> Well its possible too, sensible applications should accept $EDITOR
> having options, but I would have $EDITOR point to a shell script which
> runs Geany with the options just in case.  All possible, just more
> trouble & then only allows one file.
"then only allows one file." why? I don't see what would be the problem
of something like this?
  geany --some-option --no-whatever "$@"
Should accept anything as arguments, one file, two files, options, ... no?

> I don't really mind either way & as you are the one doing the work you
> can choose.
As already said, I just played with this after having seen a report, I
personally don't mind to see the "bug" fixed, so as far as there is
still a way to support these suffixes (which I mind about), I'll be fine.

So I think other thoughts on this would be a plus; then I think I'll
wait a little longer, hoping for other opinions.


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